TRIZ Challenger

TRIZ Challenger enhances your creativity, helps to envision a broad scope of value ideas and quickly solve technical problems without compromise.

TRIZ Challenger is built as an AI tool, which generates questions depending on the user’s answers, sets priorities and proposes solutions to solve the problem at hand.

In a first step, TRIZ Challenger helps to identify simple and elegant solutions before looking for other technologies (or “fields of force”).

This tool allows then to easily describing a technical contradiction. Once the right parameters have been selected, suggestions and lists of technical solutions challenge your creative thinking.

Take a wireless mouse and deal with its main problem: a short battery life. Analogies can be found with wristwatches or medical implants like pacemakers or the one used to act on the vagal nerve for weight loss. Clearly, the ideal solution would be to have a constant electrical feed throughout the lifespan of the device without having to change batteries or risking a malfunction. With help of TRIZ Challenger, you will be able to uncover as many value ideas as possible.

For more information: ARIZ in a nutshell: TRIZ Challenger and User's Guide.

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