Activity fields

We aim to:

Improve the innovation process and the design of new products

System for creative thinking and design

Some creativity methods are rather simple to use, but they may lack the required strength to solve some difficult problems. A new approach called TRIZ (russian acronym for « Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ») starts with the following statements:

It means: if you can translate your specific problem in a generic one, you will be able to make the transition to a whole set of solutions through previously identified inventive principles.

This methodology will help you to:

Outcome-driven innovation


We can help you to:

Failure Analysis and Prevention

Used to facilitate the search for new product concepts, TRIZ is a very efficient quality method as well. Instead of asking how to avoid a reliability problem, it is probably easier to ask how to obtain the undesirable function. This subversive approach, labeled « TRIZ in reverse », means the failure should be invented first before trying to solve the problem.

Increase the operational performance

We are involved as moderator in projects such as: